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Our BIGPOS is an innovative solution with the latest Cloud-Based Point of Sale System that is comprehensive to meet the requirements of all varieties of businesses.

Most point of sale systems cost a fortune with complex setup and long hours of training. BIGPOS is the advanced solution that removes these barriers with an easy to use yet affordable.


 Allows you to flexibly operate and update your business on the go from mobile devices such as your phone.


Enables you to keep track of business workflow on sales growth, employees’ activities and products’ performance.


Aims to monitor and manage your inventory stock remotely at anytime


Our Valet99 offers a parking management system designed to encourage effective sales monitoring. The system will provide maximum security and reliability, with complete access to data management.

The system will be a comprehensive system comprising the payment gateways, revenue management and central software for administrative reporting and data analytics. Valet99 strives to bring about pivotal changes and improvements to the current parking system by introducing a paperless, cashless and a completely digitalized parking management system.